Filling in the gaps!

It’s been a few years since my last post but I am back ready to blog again.

We have added another child to our tribe, moved house and had a few adventures along the way!

Let me introduce Josephine to you, our very suprising 5th child!

Josephine aka JoJo

As soon as my sisters suspicions that I was pregnant were proved true, we realised our sweet little house on the corner was not going to fit another child, so we quickly moved into a much larger house in time for me to celebrate another birthday.

After Samuel’s successful homebirth, we planned for another. Supported by an amazing team of community midwives ( and good friends who encouraged me) Josephine arrived with great speed with a recorded 45 minute labour!!!

It was a dream delivery, contractions started when I was putting the children to bed around 7pm, it continued and we rang the midwife who came at around midnight. Baby was born at around 2am, we all went to sleep around 5am (that’s amazingly fast to complete all the paperwork and tidy up, shower etc) and had a few hours sleep.

Around 7am my eldest woke up. I called her to our room and showed her who had turned up in the night. Her face and joy will never leave me. Pure love, excitement and joy.

Has having 5 children in 7 years been easy? No.
Did you always want 5 kids? No.
Are you crazy? No.
Would you change things? No.

I’m here to share the journey, to share the joy, love and excitement that having a family is. I am also here to say that it isn’t all easy (except that labour – that was a breeze!) but I am happy to explain how I do what I do and remain for the most part sane and happy!

Please comment and like below! Please let me know any areas or subjects you’d be interested in and subscribe to my blog.


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