Twins v Fruit 

I was going to call this ‘healthy toddler snacks’ but I couldn’t make it stick. I love the idea of feeding the twins fruit as snacks but in reality it doesn’t happen. I love my girls and I want them to want fruit, and my fruit bowl is full of sweet, juicy treats because that […]

Poe Wovens: Recon!

 Hello Poe! From the state of Vermont, USA comes Recon, a pixelated beaut of a wrap! Poe Woven are an all American company, created two years ago by a United States Marine Corps  – if that doesn’t fulfil the companys slogan of ‘Chic. Connected. Cool’ then there’s no impressing ya! Once you understand the background of […]

Joy and Joe King of Birds Review

  King of Birds Verreauxxii Joy and Joe Baby A Review! With the symbolic black eagle ‘Verraceauxxii’ it comes as no surprise that this striking wrap is dominant in both looks and wrapping abilities. After a little bit of breaking in I can tell you that this wrap is of the perma-stash variety. The bold, […]

Joy and Joe Fountain of Love: A review!

My name is Zoë, I’m currently a ‘at-home-with-3-under-3-including-twins’ mom and since my twins arrived 10 months ago, I have become a wrapper. Babywearing has given me the flexibility, freedom and helped me to retain my sanity to survive in an area of London which is heavily built up and unknown to me as I moved […]


It has been 10 months since I had my twins, and what an amazing season it has been! In case you’re wondering Charis drew that flower and I kinda like it. I have loved the wonderful extension to our family, watching their personalities develop and the glimpses of who they will become in time fills […]