Monochrome Dream Metallic gold

Joy and Joe Baby

From the Supernova collection I would like to introduce you to

Monochrome Dream in Metallic Gold

Weight: 352 g/m2

Width: 63.5cm

Blend: 100% Egyptian Cotton with a ‘tumble finish’ for added softness

Weave: Twill/ Sateen weave

Release date: Wednesday 13th April 2016 at 6pm 


I have the pleasure of reviewing an XL (4.6m/size 6) woven wrap in the colourway Monochrome Dream Metallic Gold. This is the first release of 2016 for award winning brand Joy and Joe run by husband and wife team Bisi and Mayor.  Joy and Joe baby are proud to have all their wraps woven in Lancashire and hand finished in Yorkshire supporting UK businesses.

When I opened the packaging up and saw metallic gold I was delighted! The warmth and subtle metallic gold of this wrap is both striking and combined with the black feels so sophisticated.  It is a striking design, simple yet striking, the ultimate elegance.  The gold shines in the sun light and for my complexion (blonde) and my girls (mixed race) I feel that it is very flattering. I particularly love that the stripes are vertical.  The stripes have enough width to really see the gold/black and I love the ‘odd’ side which is darker.

It’s 100% Egyptian cotton which is a lovely blend for a twill weave. This combined with the tumble finish ensures an easy to wear wrap straight out the box!

I feel like this wrap is going to continue softening up and will end up as soft as butter.  It doesn’t feel overly thick in hand and the knot isn’t huge which is great for a mid-weight fan despite being a 352gsm wrap!

My twins and my older girl are a bit fidgety so I have only managed a few carries so far but I can safely say this wrap is amazing. It’s rock solid, strong, supportive and it doesn’t budge once tied. Making beautiful pleats at every gather and pass, it has completely won me over!  I love a ruck tied with a knotless Tibetan finish and this wrap has enough grip and support to make it work perfectly.  I managed a Robins hip carry which made my toddler weightless and I love the contrasting side peeking through on my shoulder.

I did manage 2 tandem carries with my nearly 2 yr old twins. This wrap has got more than enough strength to carry them and grip to keep them up securely.  They are getting heavy but they loved this wrap as much as I did.

The combination of an elegant, sophiscated wrap that is equally hardwearing and durable makes this wrap an all round winner, which is hard to find these days. It is equally affordable (£99.99 for an XXL) meaning this wrap ticks every box and will be a staple in my stash for sure.


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