Twins v Fruit 

I was going to call this ‘healthy toddler snacks’ but I couldn’t make it stick. I love the idea of feeding the twins fruit as snacks but in reality it doesn’t happen. I love my girls and I want them to want fruit, and my fruit bowl is full of sweet, juicy treats because that is the aim of being a good parent isn’t it ?! To keep my kids happy and healthy and I try!!!! I really do try but my twins hate fruit, they grimace at it, then “yuk” it and then run away to hide.

They love vegetables.

Peas, sweetcorn, broccoli and cauliflower get eaten quickly with requests for more.

But definitely no fruit.

I just hate being that mom that’s feeding crisps and biscuits in public with those looks and those don’t they eat fruit dear eyes … No no they don’t….

I’ve tried to give them fruit since they started weaning but for some mysterious reason fruit is abhorrent to them. Charis and I will happily sit and eat fruit, chomp all day on it but not the twins.

I have resorted to smoothies and not the ones you blend as I lack the vast amount of fruits required and the patience to clean up the dirty blender but a shop bought smoothie, one small beaker a day and everyone is happy.  

They have a small amount of fruit and I am satisfied and the war has been won. 


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