Poe Wovens: Recon!

 Hello Poe!

From the20150723_111940 state of Vermont, USA comes Recon, a pixelated beaut of a wrap!

Poe Woven are an all American company, created two years ago by a United States Marine Corps  – if that doesn’t fulfil the companys slogan of ‘Chic. Connected. Cool’ then there’s no impressing ya!

Once you understand the background of the company you understand the wrap. This is definitely the case with Recon. This isn’t a standard wrap this is a marine corps inspired wrap.

Recon size 7

Warp: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Weft: 50% Combed Cotton, 50% Mercerized Cotton

Size 7

So my initial impression when I first saw Recon was that it was grey and wasn’t kitten belly soft, which usually is my weakness in wraps… but first impressions were short lived.
20150714_160517This wrap is strong without being menacing – this is no beast!

This wrap grew on me, not only is it as solid as a wrap can get, it’s grippy and very forgiving to wrap with, the passes slide over each other and don’t budge an inch once tied, no slack here thank you! It made doing a tandem carry easy peasy. A reliable and trusting wrap. The pixelated pattern is brilliant. No wrong sides or mismatched/interrupted patterns.

In fact the pixelated design really grew on me, all the lovely shades of grey, well, they glisten in the light and make it pretty not in a flowery way but in a I can go with anything kinda way. This wrap is very wearable, it’s the perfect all rounder. It’s huge width (i regret not measuring) meant I could scoop up my 4 yo effortlessly, she felt small and weightless in the strength of Recon and she is a heavy girl!

20150714_160608 20150714_16142720150714_16063320150714_16050620150714_16151220150714_161447

It definitely became the wrap to grab during its stay here with us, and got used often due to the great versatility, it could carry any and all of them. Well, not all 3 at one time but you get my point.

A great size, so much strength and grip, i’d love to get this for my husband and steal it off of him.


Thank you for reading. For more information on Poe Woven please visit their website




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