Joy and Joe King of Birds Review

 P1050591 P1050592

King of Birds


Joy and Joe Baby

A Review!

With the symbolic black eagle ‘Verraceauxxii’ it comes as no surprise that this striking wrap is dominant in both looks and wrapping abilities.

After a little bit of breaking in I can tell you that this wrap is of the perma-stash variety. The bold, striking colour and soft sheen combined with the softness and the strength makes this a perfect all rounder wrap. Coming in at mid-weight 255gsm and a good width of 26 inches this wrap is capable of both newborn and older babies, carrying my 1 year old 10kg twins ( i haven’t actually tried to carry both in this wrap!) with ease.

For me, this wrap draws me in as I love not only the colour ( beautiful, light and refreshing turquoisey blue and black) but the eagle. The stretched out wings eagle design is my favourite and was hand drawn with such skill(see the credit and link to her page below) i love the detail and the symbolism. Strong and determined. I hope that I am that kind of mother.

IMG_20150411_142338Chloe of Paintpots and Weasels hand drew the design for the king of birds wrap.

Check out her site here:

IMG-20150429-WA0001 IMG_20150411_142522

The wrapping abilities of this wrap are the wonderful grippiness of the dark side, they keep those wiggly babies firmly put with the sweep of a good pass. The knots stay fixed. I especially love using this wrap for a hip rebozo as the grip/sheen mean the slipknot works well. The wrap feels soft in hand and mouldable, giving grip where it’s needed. Another reason why this wrap ends up coming on most outings with me it because of the ease of maintenance. Being 100% cotton it can go straight into the wash and low tumble dry. Easy, and I love easy!



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