Joy and Joe Fountain of Love: A review!

My name is Zoë, I’m currently a ‘at-home-with-3-under-3-including-twins’ mom and since my twins arrived 10 months ago, I have become a wrapper.
Babywearing has given me the flexibility, freedom and helped me to retain my sanity to survive in an area of London which is heavily built up and unknown to me as I moved here just before the twins arrived.
I am a huge Joy and Joe fan, it was at Carry On London 2014 that I first heard about Joy and Joe baby but it wasn’t until I saw the Kente range and won my first right to buy for the Vanilla Bamboo Kente that I fell head over heels in love with their wraps.
I love the baroque pattern of the new Fountain of Love range; I especially like the hearts and the borders. The look of this wrap is stylish and bold, the sheen being the icing on the cake. My current favourite is the monochrome black and white wrap, which was the one I had the privilege of testing. I am excited to see which other colour ways Joy and Joe will bring out in June. I’m hoping for a royal blue.
Joy and Joe make their wraps look spectacular and regal looking and this is fitting for their first high-end wrap.
I was intrigued by ‘the formula’ my prior experience of a double weave wrap wasn’t great, it was such a tough thick beast that I was frustrated with it before it got properly broken in, so I was very interested in a wrap that not only needed no breaking in but was kitten belly soft straight from the box. I love soft wraps they are my weakness, tell me its soft and I’m craving it.
My first impression on seeing the wrap was that it was very pretty, prettier than even the pictures show, just by looking you can see the softness of the fabric, the delicate sheen and then I couldn’t resist it – I had to touch.
I had the black and white wrap, the inside is just as pretty as the right side and I liked that you could lighten up the look or keep it darker, which was my preference. The FoL was long I didn’t measure it but I think it was a size 6. This wrap was plenty long enough for some fun wrap testing.
WOW!!!! Was my first thought – and it’s not just that it’s kitten-belly soft it’s how the fabric feels in hand which completely won me over. I could cuddle this wrap all day! It is thick, strong and cushy but also thin (approximately 198 gsm) and perfectly floppy it is hard to describe because how is this possible? That is all I could think during the wraps stay with me, how can a wrap be so good?! This formula is a real game changer and I can see this wrap winnings awards and being a highly sought after wrap. The one you HAVE to try.
The way the wrap drapes and the fluidity of the fabric in your hands is outstanding. I had to try it out. My fussy Elena was first up, we tried a Poppins hip carry, followed by Robbins. I often find that soft wraps don’t stay put, especially when I’m wrapping Ellie, she is heavy and ends up lower than desired, requiring regular tightening. Not with this wrap. She stayed put. And the ease of wrapping made me feel like a pro.
Annabel is my back carry baby. She loves being up high on my back. I found that this wrap has a perfectly floppy and soft drape with the right amount of grip, a little bit of stretch and so strong.
My twins are 10 months but this would have been perfect for them from newborn and strong enough for my heavy 3 going on 4 year old. Yes this wrap is regal and rightly so.
I am a self-taught facebooker/youtuber babywearer (thank you wrapyouinlove and twin sling ) so I take time to fiddle around to get the carry right and tension right for the carries but found that Fountain of Love was just a kind wrap for someone like me, it almost wrapped itself, the passes were easy to get tight and I was very pleased with the end look of the carries that I tried.
I tried a ruck with a knotless finish, which held very well I thought it looked lovely to see the pattern flowing in the tails, I also tried a double hammock with a saltwater finish, and finally we took all 3 children to the park and I wore Annabel in a FWCC. After their bath time we did a tandem carry for the twin test. It passed with flying colours!
I think that the contrast of black and white is just so wearable, dress it up or down, it is a special wrap and I felt special wearing it.
The wrap is 50% Luxurious Italian combed cotton + 50% Mercerized cotton, and yes it feels very luxurious. I love that it is cotton and the mercerized treatment meant it felt strong as well as light – I still find I prefer cotton over other blends of wrap. Definitely Annabel and Ellie felt secure and comfortable and happy throughout.
I spent most of a whole day in the wrap and it never felt diggy or uncomfortable, we walked for about an hour around West London before stopping in the park where I received admiring looks. The FWCC stayed fixed, nice and snug continually. And even a re-tie in the park with an audience was easy because the wrap is just so good and makes wrapping a real pleasure.


Photo shoot diary…

P1050548   P1050551    P1050557  P1050559       P1050566       P1050573  P1050579

P1050601   P1050604  P1050606     P1050611  P1050613   P1050616   P1050619  P1050621   P1050624 P1050625  P1050627 P1050628   P1050631    P1050635 P1050636  P1050638 P1050639 P1050640     P1050645  P1050647 P1050648  P1050650  P1050652 P1050653     P1050658        P1050666 P1050667 P1050668    P1050672         P1050681  P1050683    P1050687   P1050690 P1050691    P1050695 P1050696         P1050706    P1050710  P1050712 P1050713

Photographer: Isobel Hughes
Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1
Many thanks to my cousins Grace and Isobel Hughes for their assistance during this shoot and for my eldest daughter Charis for her continued patience and my twins Annabel and Elena. They were paid by way of a homemade chicken and leek pie, decoration inspired by Fountain of Love woven wrap.


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