Then came twins…

I’m starting this blog in May but really this began a little bit further back… let me fill you in…

for over 2 years I was a single working parent to a delightful little girl CC, she’s a handful and totally worth all the sweat and tears that come with raising a kid.

I worked as a night nurse on an acute medical ward to pay bills, I volunteered at a coffee shop for the less fortunate and attended church every almost every sunday.

Then I met Chris…

Within a few months (ok, 1&1/2)  I was pregnant (OMG my fertility is craziness) and had a 12 week scan in January, a confident ‘I’ve-done-this-before’ me strode into the room and lay on the bed ready to see the baby…eyes on the screen now…

well, there were two…I can’t remember the sonographers words, or what the student midwife said apart from them saying they’d never seen any couple be so shocked…. it’s officially called TWINSHOCK because that is what it is, utter shock that there sitting inside my belly were TWO BABIES!!!!!! How? Why? What? Two little babies lying curled up, all perfectly, sharing a placenta yet sitting in their own sacs.

monochorionic, diamniotic (‘mono/di‘) twins 

I wasn’t 12 weeks, I was nearly 14 weeks and twins come early by approximately 4 weeks … and I would need to be seen for a scan every 2 weeks due to the high risks of twins sharing a placenta… wonder they call in twinshock.

I’ve never been so thankful that someone was with me, to stare blankly back into my eyes as we both uttered the words…”TWINS”


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