a quick breather…


It’s only the best thing about being pregnant besides when the twins arrive….MATERNITY LEAVE!!!

  • I have completed those never-ending-every-one-is-leaving-except-me shifts 
  • I am not crammed into a train with no hope of a seat for me or for CC 
  • I am not coming home to start all the home duties      

So yes, I am:

  • Sitting in the sunshine, having pretend picnics with CC 
  • potty training CC 
  • washing the real nappies, doing my 6 washes to prep them and set them up ready for use!
  • planning meals so that Chris comes home to food 
  • taking baths to soothe my aching body
  • meeting friends for lunch
  • planning our church wedding and buying a few extra things
  • packing the hospital bag for me, Chris and the twins


Yes i am really enjoying this time… 




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