filling in the gaps

mission accomplished! we did it!

Two beautiful girls arrived safely into our lives Monday 23rd June 2014, with Annabel Alison at 10:16am weighing 5lb 7oz  followed at 10:19 by Elena Grace weighing 5lb 8oz.

As i sit here almost 8 weeks after they were born, contemplating the birth, recovery and weeks after i’m in awe by how quickly i forget those trying moments of sleepless nights, pain in standing and sitting, the swollen legs and elephant sized feet…but we did it, and came out the other side with my husband best friend beaming and our hearts overflowing with love for our new girls 

God has been good to us. Let me explain.

I had a lot of fears regarding having a C section but came into peace as I realised that the love God had for me would ensure that everything would go well. Like in the same way I prepare for my children, that their days would go smoothly so God prepares things for us. 

Lying there gripping Chris’ hand I was thankful when I was weak, he was strong for us, taking control and praying in a time of need. 

I lost over 1500ml of blood and even have on camera the Consultant Surgeon saying “Well, that was hairy” I am SO thankful that God went ahead of me. I didn’t want a section, I felt pressured into it but afterwards I realised that a section was the best thing for me and the safety of my girls. 

In the hours after in recovery I had tremendous abdominal pain, crying into Chris’ shoulder I’ve never been so vulnerable. He called (he had to chase) for a nurse and ensured I was topped up with painkillers.

I’d have sat there hiding the pain trying to be strong.

He even let me sleep through the night, taking a hard floor and some formula to feed our girls. 

I was up and walking around within 24 hours …

and home in 2 days 🙂


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