our own sleep training routine

I’m sat waiting for the girls to settle…

and I thought i’d share how we have got our girls to both sleep from 6 weeks for about 4-5 hours at a time over night  … (we still have the odd bad night)

we try and keep them both awake and play with them in the evening this is easier once Chris is home and we’re all fed! 

At about 9pm we start by putting on the side lights in the bedroom, and turning on our calpol ‘camomile and lavender’ soothing plug in, we turn this off once we go to bed as the nightlight is annoying



By 9:15pm we will be running a nice warm bath for them.

by about 9:30pm we have 2 of each on the sofa (we warm up the living room and do bathing and dressing in there then take them to the bedroom when we are going to put them down)

Towels with a clean nappy, vest and suit on the side within arms reach

I love burt’s bees products ( I am currently using everything lavender so am using the Calming lotion) but i use the wash, powder and oil 


after giving them a nice warm bath, we dry and dress them as quickly and thoroughly as possible as it usually sounds like chaos – they hate being in the buff haha 

we then swaddle them up either in Mega Muslins or a lovely swaddle I bought from a website that I often look through and admire products etc




we then give them a good long feed in the bedroom, which by now is warm and smelling wonderful … it is also dimly lit meaning that even I am feeling sleepy 


we do use pacifiers but we found some natural ones that stay in longer than the others ( we tried almost every brand) 



once they are in bed (they share a cot bed) they are covered in blankets that I washed in Bold 2 in 1 Lavender scent … they are still lying side by side horizontally 🙂 

to begin with it took us time to settle them but now it’s getting easier as they learn the drill…

we use a motorola sound only monitor to check on them as our bedroom is quite far away from the living room where we sit and try to watch a tv show before bed 


I hope this helps…. 



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